United St Maarten Party

[USP] Fighting For US

Fellow St. Maartens,

I thank you for the opportunity and the confidence entrusted in me for the past twelve years that I have remained consistently voted by you into public office. From the beginning, my determination and vision for this great country we, in our hearts, hold dear as our home has been of sustainable prosperity.

Sustainable prosperity and sustainable development are terms that throughout the content of this manifesto, you will see many times over. As the leader of the United St Maarten Party, "sustainable" is the word that is not randomly user by the USP. It is a sign of the commitment that we as a party are fighting for. We are "Fighting for us!" The USP and the people of St Maarten have seen what fractionary administrations have given country St Maarten.  Poor leadership in our country has given us nothing sustainable, but instead, everything fractionary.

We have seen a fraction of our potential as a nation. We have, in past times, seen development in the form of our awarded Princess Juliana International Airport, our high-levels of cruise ship tourism; however, for development to positively impact both current and future generations, the development must be sustainable. Stability and sustainability in leadership and in government is what we as St Maartens are so desperately claiming, and moreover, rightfully deserve!

Hon. Frans Richardson

Member of Parliament & leader, United St. Maarten Party

% Party
1Frans Richardson48717.5%4218282437213443371821151435322962760
2Anna Rabess-Richardson1786.4%128118103716145592219952202
3Maurice Lake2358.4%1214171310202923251276691185611
4Richinel Brug722.6%176253104611205861400
5Maria Buncamper-Molanus1565.6%23135510371212433424223102
6Lloyd Paul1083.9%52211287445342077411200
7Romain Laville2187.8%052515212192348121232381431200
8Agnes Brooks271.0%20133232501002101100
9Lisa Alexander421.5%11137110228122410500
10Chanel Brownbill42415.2%13192628442237313021182143941715602
11Raphael Brooks853.1%54137155751021131113100
12Martin Wilson421.5%74063402010007222200
13Benjamin Kelly160.6%10010001310016001100
14Lyndon Lewis1826.5%5611231671213103146423885800
16Myrna Richardson30.1%00010100000000010000
17Sergio Bryson160.6%00101040021002000500
18Hillary Williams421.5%31044785211113001000
19Jelen Coulange371.3%210113001121341220120
20Franklin De Windt511.8%23166024701023833000
21Early Charlemagne160.6%10231000160001100000
22Louella Rog110.4%00000110100141200000
23Silvio Matser3360.1%131113663719111915161613251618136810


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